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'The Shadow'


This is my 1993 Dodge Shadow.  It has a 2.2L Naturally Aspired engine and the A-413 3 Speed Transmission.  I was given the Shadow for my 16th Birthday from my father, she was in a car accident when I was 17, besides from that she has lived the normal life.  My wife hates the Shadow, but I love it, at least I have talked her into getting another Mopar when we get another car (as long as it is not a TBI she says).

My 1993 Dodge Shadow came stock with a 2.2 L NA engine with 93 hp.  With my mods she has a lot of power over stock.  I converted my Kill Log over to html, so you can see all the street races I have won.  Most people see the Shadow and thing it is a slow piece of junk, to bad they don't know it is just a powerful sleeper.  The list of mods I have done is listed on this table I created a while ago with approximate horsepower gains (using four different methods to derive horsepower, which if you assign each one a weight average them, it gives me a very. very close number to my real horsepower, and so far everyone else that I have tried it on).

I really need to focus on documenting all the mods and transferring data from my notebooks to this web site.  Pages about me and my car won't have more than just a two minute slap together look, until I finish the documenting all the mods and transferring data from my notebooks

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